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Insurance Regulation
News Channel 5 - New credits issued by the state can sometimes cut your homeowner's insurance bill by more than half; but how can you save money if you don't know about the credits.

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"We saved over $3,000.00 on our premium
and friends we told saved over $1,100.00"

Don & Deb Marton, Parkland, FL

Florida Statute 627.0629 requires all insurance companies to offer Florida homeowners "discounts, credits, or other rate differentials..."  for construction techniques that reduce damage and loss in windstorms.  However, 95% of homeowners are unaware of the discounts.  To receive these discounts, insurance companies require documentation be completed by a licensed professional.  We can do that ...and more!
Windstorm Mitigation Certification.
Most existing houses have one or more wind resistive construction features and will qualify for insurance discounts.
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